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Seneca Generators are built in Canada with careful attention to local code requirements. More often than not, units purchased through the US require modification to some degree before being fully compliant with the requirements of CSA and TSSA. Seneca units are built with these standards in mind and integrate seamlessly into your project.

Seneca Generators not only use the highest quality components, we have a unique ability to customize the unit's performance attributes to meet the specific requirements of your projects. Our staff will work with you to ensure proper sizing based on your load profile to maximize the efficiency of your emergency power system. Generator sizing programs generally oversize the generator and reduce the efficiency and life of the set.

Seneca diesel powered generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 2MW. Our spark-ignited generator sets are available from 30 to 400 kW. A complete range of transfer and control equipment supports our generator sets. As a result, you can expect an industry-leading power solution with unrivaled reliability.

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