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Diesel powered generators remain the number-one choice for standby and emergency power systems worldwide.

You rely on many appliances and systems in your home or business for your health, comfort and security. Most depend completely on utility supplied electricity. It makes sense to have a backup diesel generator system that will keep your business operating in a power failure. Our diesel generator sets are rugged, dependable and reliable with excellent mechanical and electrical performance.

Larger diesel generators use powerful engines running at 1800rpm that are built for reliability and longevity. The engines are water cooled and usually turn on automatically when the power fails making restoring power simple. Increased power means you can power your whole home or business rather than just a few critical devices and that makes withstanding prolonged power outages more comfortable and easier to deal with.

The fuel-efficiency alone is a good reason to buy diesel. It's also a lot safer to store. It is flammable, but not explosive like gasoline. Although diesels sometimes produce more visible exhaust, it is less toxic than the emissions from a gasoline engine. A well-tuned diesel, by the way, produces no visible exhaust except briefly, under severe load changes.

Seneca uses engines built by some of the world’s most popular engine manufacturers such as GM, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and John Deere. In addition Seneca exclusively offers engines by Doosan and FPT, two of the world’s largest companies making their way to North America after endless success overseas.

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