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Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. (DHI) originated in 1937 and started producing Diesel Engines in 1958. They have continually grown every year and are now producing a complete engine line competitive around the world. They have steadily expanded their business on the foundation of accumulated technology and know - how, continued investment in R & D, and the experience of developing over 1,000 different applications. DHI is Asia's largest and most automated engine production and engineering facility. In 2005 Daewoo was acquired by Doosan.

Daewoo produces a full line of diesel engines that cover a range in the 40 to 1000 HP sizes. This is accomplished through state-of-the-art automated lines under a very reliable Quality Control System. The engines are suited for a broad scope of applications including generator drive, power unit, industrial, mobile equipment and marine propulsion/auxiliary markets. Daewoo Diesel Engines have established an outstanding worldwide reputation for quality, reliability, durability and fuel consumption. This reputation has been built on a cumulative production of nearly 1 million engines, of which a substantial number of units are currently operating in North America in a wide variety of applications.

The quality of Daewoo Engines comes from a combination of factors and is evident throughout the building process. Daewoo is a heavily integrated company with a highly trained workforce. This means that the actual percentage of engine content manufactured by Daewoo is unusually high because of utilizing in-house production capabilities rather than out-sourcing. Foundry operations produce the metals to exactly meet the need of the part to be produced through casting or forging processes. These parts are then machined to specification utilizing machinery produced through the Daewoo Machine Tool and Automation Divisions. Assembly and full testing is also done with Daewoo manufactured equipment. A much higher level of quality control can be maintained in this way. Components not directly made by Daewoo are sourced from the respective industry leader of that field. Fuel systems, turbochargers and electrics are thus common to industry standards.

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